Stairlift Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to get a stairlift installed?
A: We keep standard stairlifts in stock at all times. We can install in as little as a couple of days, or even the same day if the schedule allows.

Q: How long does a stairlift installation take?
A: The installation of a standard stairlift takes our installers a few hours to complete.

Q: Does your stairlift come with a warranty?
A: Absolutely. Our Bruno stairlifts comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. To add even more value to your purchase, Access Elevator warranties the labor fees for the first year for warranty parts repair.

Q: Will your stairlift work if there is a power outage?
A: Yes. All modern stairlifts run on DC power – internal batteries. There is no extra equipment to purchase as it is a standard feature. During a power interruption, our stairlifts will continue to operate for several cycles.

Q: How often do I need my stairlift serviced?
A: It is suggested by our manufactures that each stairlift be inspected by a stairlift mechanic at least once a year. If the stairlift is used several times a day, you may opt for a more frequent schedule. Any time you hear something abnormal, or notice a change in speed, it is highly recommended that you contact us for a consultation. Many interruptions in performance can be avoided by being pro-active.