Vertical Lifts

Connecting Short and Tall
Extremely versatile: VPL's provide access to levels that are only a few inches apart – all the way up to 14 feet.
Communication and Preparation
Site preparation is the key to a successful vertical platform lift installation. Put our team to work for you!
Maintenance & Repairs
An apple a day keeps the doctor away. The best plan for a VPL is our periodic maintenance inspections. Lubrications and safety checks can sometimes prevent an unwanted interruption.
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Contact us today for a free quote!

Contact us today for a free quote!

Vertical Platform Lifts - Wheelchair Lifts

The main level of most newer homes are commonly higher than the garage floor, making it difficult for individuals with mobility challenges to enter a home.

Often overlooked as an option, vertical platform lifts are an excellent alternative to installing a large ramp, using a different doorway to access the home/garage, or ultimately moving.  If stairs are an adversary, our vertical platform lifts offer an affordable and convenient solution!

As with all our products, site evaluations and project-specific drawings are always free.  We would be happy to take a look at your location and guide you through the details of what installing a wheelchair lift requires.

For new or existing structures, indoors or out, schedule an on-site consultation with absolutely no obligation today!

Vertical platform lifts (also known as wheelchair lifts) can be installed just about anywhere there is, or could be, a concrete pad and a power source.  Either on the inside of a home, in a garage, or even outside.  It is highly recommended that outside applications be sheltered from direct rain/snow.

As long as installation is done by a quality dealer, absolutely.  Safety relies on two main things: site preparation, and maintenance.  The lift must be secured properly, and the travel area must not have any pinch/shear points.  The site must also be kept clean of debris.  Beyond that, the lift has several built-in safeties that will ensure years of safe operation.

There are two options:  AC power (dedicated wall outlet) or DC power (battery).  While AC units work great and require less maintenance, DC units offer the ability to work during a power outage. 

Give us a call to determine which option is best for your application.

When it comes to VPL projects, Access Elevator’s decades of experience makes all the difference.  We are Central Indiana’s One-Stop-Mobility-Shop: sales, installation and service staff, all under one roof.

We want to earn your business.  Shop us first or shop us last.  Our passion to help our customers will be evident each step of the way through your one-of-a-kind journey!

alternative to a residential elevator

For the convenience of a traditional elevator at a fraction of the price, a vertical platform lift delivers unmatched value for indoor and outdoor residential applications.

As a stand alone unit, or concealed within a shaftway, vertical platform lifts can be used for reaching heights up to 14 feet.  A much different project than a short application, taller units require additional blocking as well as other site preparation.

Access Elevator is prepared to help with these types of projects.  We would love to start a conversation with you about your thoughts and needs.

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